Volkswagen ID.3 Convertible
Volkswagen ID.3 Convertible

Volkswagen ID.3 Convertible a possibility | Powerful Design harks back to Nostalgic VW’s of old

Volkswagen ID.3 Convertible

VW has earlier this week revealed two renderings of a possible Volkswagen ID.3 convertible. These images were released on the company’s official Twitter handle.

The automaker is seeking feedback from the VW community on the possibility of introducing a convertible version of the recently launched ID.3.

These renderings, revealed by VW CEO Herbert Diess, have undoubtedly taken the VW community by surprise.

quiet, smooth, open: We‘re thinking about an e-convertible, maybe an #VWID3 convertible. What do you think? – Herbert Diess

That being said, given the full potential of VW’s all-electric ID range, offering an electrical convertible could make complete sense, with Volkswagens intent to continue to broaden its portfolio and overall market share.

The German firm has added the following message to the photos illustrated: “What’s with this? The ID.3 convertible will be lovely: enjoy the electric nature on the open roof. We’re still thinking about how this idea will become a reality.

Our concept already has some initial ideas. But the most exciting question is: what do you think about it? Do the electrical conduction and the open roof go hand in hand?”

The photos are nothing but digital illustrations depicting the ID.3. Along with the transition to the ID. 3’s conversion into a cabriolet, the vehicle has done away with the rear doors and the roof of the vehicle.

A steep downward crease line is seen, particularly from the rear three-quarters that runs almost the entire side profile giving it a muscular stance.

The design also seems to pay homage to the Volkswagen Karmann and the iconic second-gen Golf convertible. These initial renderings seem to suggest that the soft might be folded into the trunk.

Volkswagen ID.3 Convertible Rear Three Quarter
Volkswagen ID.3 Convertible Rear Three Quarter

However, designers might likely consider having the soft top be retracted on top of the tailgate to hint nostalgia back to the VW Karmann.

As mentioned earlier, it remains to be seen if it makes any sense to launch a convertible EV because a convertible will not have the aerodynamic efficiency as the hardtop or coupe.

The only reason to go ahead with producing a soft-top version of the ID.3 would be to carry on VW’s legacy and the green credentials of having an EV.

Convertibles are not new to the Volkswagen brand. The lineage of open-top models from the German marque can be traced back to the VW Beetle convertible, VW Karmann convertible, the VW Golf Convertible, and the VW EOS convertible. Currently, Volkswagen sells the T-ROC convertible, a three-door SUV convertible.

The fact, however, is that Volkswagen wants to fully electrify its range of vehicles it offers soon. Electric vehicles. Today, the auto industry as a whole is in favor of electric cars, with many legacy manufacturers pledging to go all-electric soon.

With a convertible EV, Volkswagen wants to be one of the first players to open up to this new and evolving niche market.

Images Courtesy of Volkswagen AG