JD Power Vehicle Dependability Survey
JD Power Vehicle Dependability Survey

Tesla tanks in JD Power | 30th in Dependability Study

Tesla ranks 30/33 in JD Power Study

In the most recent Vehicle Dependability Survey conducted by JD Power, Tesla ranked poorly, coming in at 30th out of a total of 33 automakers surveyed.

Tesla, over the years, has performed poorly in JD Powers Vehicle Dependability Study & reliability. The vehicles are tremendous. Speed and technology were often given priority instead of reliability and quality by the innovative automaker, which is a tech company first.

Had Tesla been on the official list, it would have been 31st, with the EV maker only behind Jaguar Alfa Romeo and Land Rover considering reliability.

Tesla has acknowledged multiple JD Power Awards. However, the JD Power dependability survey has been a completely different story over the past few years.

The JD Power Ratings monitors 177 specific issues in over eight different categories: powertrain & drivetrain, external bodywork flaws, HVAC problems, and plenty of other factors.

Even if Tesla officially does not allow JD Power to approach car owners for surveys, adequate data was acquired from independent sources and provided a qualifying score to the automaker.

Intriguingly, it does seem that there may be a rationale for the lackluster scores since a 2018 car was tested for the 2021 report.

Tesla had only been a few months into Model 3 manufacturing.

This time was framed as “production hell” by its CEO Elon Musk because it gave the Tesla manufacturing team a wide range of problems. Tesla has since refined its manufacturing processes over the past few years, granting it larger scope in terms of quality.

Tesla has developed a reputation for producing quality automobiles in 2021, devoid of some if not most of the horrific troubles that past owners have made complaints about, JD Powers Vehicle Dependability Study in previous years.

It will have to be seen as to how the manufacturer’s marks in the JD Power Survey are in 3 years from now when the 2021 built vehicles are re-evaluated, especially since the automaker emphasizes quality control is now an absolute priority in recent times.

Consumer Reports :

Consumer Reports has also revised their car brand standings, mainly because of reliability issues. Tesla dropped five positions:

Few nations have an organization like Consumer Reports to safeguard & protect consumers’ rights, so its standings are so significant whenever it comes to purchasing decisions.

Some carmakers, like Mazda, the best of the pack upon jumping three positions, had a lot to celebrate in Consumer Report’s latest car brand report.

Tesla has lost five places and finished 16th.

Tesla has lost five places and finished 16th. As per CR, only the Model 3 holds all vehicles’ preferred rating that the automaker presently sells.

The entire Tesla lineup has been classified as environmentally friendly, which contributes points to the overall result.

CR also takes its road-test ratings, safety, and consumer satisfaction into the evaluation. Curiously, all these prerequisites went well with Tesla.

As per CR, just the Model 3 holds the advised rating of all four vehicles that the company offers.

We’ve got brands like Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Lexus, Ford, Alfa Romeo, and Land Rover, among all other manufacturers with poor results which don’t sell Electric cars.

The very fact that Tesla has dropped so many places in these recent surveys and reports indicates that it needs to improve its quality.