Tesla Model S Plaid +
Tesla Model S Plaid +

Tesla just Axed the Tesla Model S Plaid + 3 days before launch

Here’s why we think Elon Musk might have dropped the Tesla Model S Plaid + at the last minute

Tesla honcho Elon Musk in a tweet revealed that the Tesla Model S Plaid + variant is being dropped. His tweet read “Plaid + is canceled. There was no apparent reason as to why this was happening. He went on to add “No, need. Plaid is just so good.
It’s strange, that Musk decided to break this news in the wake of the launch of the updated Model S line later this week. Whatever might be the reason, even though Musk claims that the Plaid is good enough, we beg to differ.
Yes, the performance on the Plaid is just as ballistic, hitting 60 mph in under 2 seconds. That is hypercar levels of performance in a practical 4 door sedan. Almost as good as that of the recently revealed Rimac Nevera. Although this exotic will be a limited run model coming in at an eye-watering $2 million.
This makes the now-defunct Model S plaid + seem reasonable at $150,000. The Plaid will now be the top model in the Model S lineup and will come in at $120,000. Regardless, there is one area where Plaid + dominated. It was the colossal range that was on offer. A claimed 520 miles on a single charge.
Tesla Model S Plaid + Interior
The Updated Model S will come with an all-new Interior
We suspect the main reason for Tesla to abruptly drop the Plaid +, days before the launch could be down to the cells. The refreshed Model S broke cover back in January. Tesla at the time stated that the Top-Spec model S will use next-gen cells (4860). A technology it shares with the upcoming Roadster. The rest of the model S line continues to use the current (18650 cells).
The big range difference between the Plaid & Plaid + could be down to these next-gen cells. This, despite both models offering similar performance, albeit the Plaid + had 100hp more. The Plaid is no slouch either packing in over 1020hp from its tri-motor setup and a range of over 390 miles.
Sources tell us that the Tesla Model S Plaid + plus launch is now delayed until 2022. It would have been the very first mainstream EV to have a range of over 500 miles. People were awaiting this range milestone with great anticipation. The redundant model now leaves Lucid to lay claim to that tag. The top-spec model of the Lucid Air has a claimed EPA range of over 517 miles.

Source: Twitter