Volvo C40 Coupé SUV
Volvo C40 Coupé SUV

Stunning new Volvo C40 is an Electric SUV Coupé

Volvo C40 is based heavily on the Volvo XC40 which is readily accessible in plug-in hybrid and electric forms. At the beginning of March, the Swedish brand will present a new XC40 coupé, called the C40, which is a Volvo Electric Suv.

Volvo is not going all in yet with its race for electrification. The Swedish brand has been bragging about providing a plug-in hybrid version for all models in its range for some time now. But more is needed to meet the stringent goals of the European authorities for passenger cars.

Like other automakers, Volvo is already making significant efforts to transform its entire range to fully electric. Volvo-electric cars will be a reality in the near future.

It’s always a good idea to rely on key high-potential models to preserve a minimum rationale with these investments. So it’s the Volvo XC40 that serves as a guinea pig, as the entry-level model.

After last year’s Recharge P8 variant, another “zero-emission” model, still premised on the compact SUV, will follow from the Swedish Brand.

The revival of Volvo’s C Range with the Volvo C40

Volvo C30 Coupé
The last Coupé from Volvo. The C30 was discontinued in 2013.

This new model, to be launched on March 2, will be known as the C40. It’s going to be an XC40 coupé. Its name was taken in tribute to the brand’s last genuine coupé, the Volvo C30, which was retired back in 2013.

But the C40 is not going to be as affordable, far from it. This vehicle will be a 100 percent Volvo electric SUV. Despite its CMA architecture, which allows the XC40 T4 (211 hp) or T5 (262 hp) plug-in hybrid.

This C40 would come with two electric motors, one on the front axle the other on the rear gear, which give a combined output of 408 hp and is powered by a 78 kWh battery.

This will be enough to make this all-new Volvo C40 P8 be a stellar performer. However, the C40 is unlikely to be easily accessible, because the electric XC40 already starts at a hefty EUR 59,940, and this is after a Euro 3000 bonus. The C40 will compete with other compact crossovers like the Mercedes Benz GLA EQ and the soon-to-launch BMW IX4.

Image Courtesy of Volvo AB