Alpha Jax Retro ELectric Crossover
Alpha Jax Retro ELectric Crossover

Alpha Jax Retro Electric Crossover | Captivating 60’s Styling

Alpha Jax Retro Electric Crossover Revealed

The North American company Alpha Motors Inc, a few weeks ago introduced an attractive, retro-looking electric crossover, the Alpha Jax. The Ace, that this CUV is based on has been transformed into an object of desire by capturing the imagination of many users.

Now, an off-road variant has been presented that preserves the sustainability philosophy and carries the vintage look that is becoming so popular these days.

The Alpha Jax has a taller body with exceptional ground clearance and can be had with either 16 or 19-inch wheels. The added ground clearance would be essential if one wants to get through challenging terrain.

The vehicle also includes a ceiling box outfitted with spotlights to provide ample illumination for those trails on long nights.   

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The 4.56 meter long and 1.63-meter high model can also be equipped with rear or all-wheel-drive configurations that would enable it to reach 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds. Its battery will provide, according to the manufacturer, a range of up to 250 miles (or 400 kilometers). 

Inside, we find a relatively modern and minimalistic presentation given its classic styling, including a large central display with an additional second screen for the instrument cluster. A design that incorporates the prototype seats reminds us of those used in the Golf from VW

It’s also worth mentioning that the vehicle has a sizeable boot-up front despite being hand-crafted. All packaged into a model with space for five and 839 kgs of towing capacity. 

Pricing for the Alpha Jax Electric Crossover is unknown at this point. The vehicle is expected to make it to market in 2023 with a price below $40,000.

Images Courtesy of Alpha Motors Inc