Tesla Model S 2021 Cream Walnut

All new Tesla Model S Interior | 2021

All new Tesla Model S Interior | 2021

Highlights :

  • Aircraft inspired Yoke Steering Control
  • Revised 17″ Portrait Oriented Infotainment Screen
  • Ventless HVAC like Model 3
  • 8″ Screen for rear passengers
  • Active Noise Cancellation technology used for Cabin  

At long last, after a long wait, Tesla has revealed an all-new Model S for the 2021 model year. The all-new Tesla Model S will feature minor tweaks to the exterior styling and a major revision to the Interior. If the original Model S from 2012 was futuristic and ahead of its time, this revised version for 2021 takes it to a whole new level. The Technology on this latest iteration remains a highlight.

This new version, which begins shipping in March, has a choice of more powerful and potent powertrains in the form of Plaid & Plaid+ variants. The top-spec variant can cover an industry-leading 520 miles between charges. 0 to 60 miles an hour comes in under 2 seconds on the Plaid+.

If one can remember, the first EV ever to be mass-produced was the original Tesla model S. Can you believe that nine years have passed since its debut?

Tesla Model S Interior; finally done right :

Tesla Model S 2021 Cream Walnut

Tesla wanted to carve out a niche for itself from the beginning and wanted to target the luxury segment. The target demographic of Luxury car buyers that did buy into the Tesla brand has, however, felt that what Tesla made up for in Technology, it lacked the build quality of a true Luxury car marque.

This was especially true for a vehicle that targeted the upper end of the market. Tesla was definitely behind the competition when compared to rivals from legacy automakers such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz & Lexus for build quality.

The fit and finish on the Interior was always a hit and miss,  plagued with a myriad of quality issues. The Interior was never a strong point for Tesla. It was never upmarket enough for some individuals who were paying top dollar.

However, over the years, Tesla has worked relentlessly and has addressed most of these issues. The changes made to their cars have been substantial. Tesla has now significantly narrowed the gap as far as build quality is concerned than mainstream automakers. This Model S interior has seen a big step up in quality.

With increasing competition in the EV space from rivals like the soon-to-launch Lucid Air, the Audi E Tron GT & Porsche Taycan, it was about time that Tesla updated its aging Model S & Model X SUV. This latest refresh also brings the Model S & X in line with Model 3 & Model Y.

There are three options for the updated Interior on the new Model S. An all-Black option,  Black and White, or a Cream option with Walnut accents.

From the Driver Seat :

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Elon Musk is a larger than life personality who is all about transforming science fiction into reality. Musk is about taking risks, challenging the odds, doing things radically different, and eventually taking them mainstream. 

As soon as you take a look inside the all-new 2021 Model S, one thing that stands out almost immediately is the steering wheel, or rather the absence of it. This is because the steering control is no longer a wheel but a control-like yoke inspired by an aircraft. I’m sure future Model S owners will certainly feel like they’re piloting a Model S instead of driving it. 

The instrument panel continues to be an all-screen fully-digital 12.3-inch unit, and there are no turn indicator stalks or wiper controls. Instead, these functions have been moved to the steering unit itself.

A stalk-free column is not unheard of. Ferrari had also offered turn signals, wipers, and other vital controls on its steering wheel for a few years now. However, a recent tweet by Elon Musk indicates that the transmission controls may live inside the touchscreen. Apparently, there may well be software that “predicts” what direction the driver requires, i.e., forward, reverse, or park.

Apart from that, the car gets a completely new dashboard, the same as the Model 3, with a vent-less HVAC system.

Infotainment :

Tesla Model S 17.3" Screen 2021

What made the original Model S distinctive upon its debut was its 17.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a setup that still stands out in the market today. This has to be one of the highlights of the new Tesla Model S Interior. Even though it lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, its user interface is simpler to use.

Gone is the iPad-like portrait orientation. In comes an all-new 17-inch landscape-oriented touchscreen with the computational power of 10 teraflops, sufficient to run the latest video games (even Witcher 3, as per promotional photos), with an enhanced resolution of 2200 to 1300 pixels.

The infotainment system is where you’ll also find options for streaming services and easter eggs, which Tesla is so famous for. On the go, the display can also be angled towards the driver or passenger. Right below the screen is also a pair of wireless chargers.