2022 Mercedes EQS Edition One
2022 Mercedes EQS Edition One

2022 Mercedes EQS | Here’s a Comprehensive Guide to the brand’s Flagship Electric Sedan


Mercedes EQS Edition One
Mercedes EQS Edition One

After weeks of teasers, updates, and even a pre-production drive, Mercedes-Benz has finally unveiled the production version of its flagship Mercedes EQS sedan. The EQS, the brand’s electric equivalent to the Mercedes S Class, was revealed with a focus on luxury and technology. 

Mercedes got its feet wet with Electric vehicles back in 2019, when it introduced the EQC. The vehicle neither lacked luxury nor power, but somehow it fell short a little behind its claimed range.

It is important to note that the Mercedes EQS isn’t built on a traditional internal combustion engine platform. With the EQS, Mercedes-Benz has introduced the first car built completely on a platform dedicated to EVs.

This marks the beginning of the EVA platform that will serve as a foundation for all future electric models from Mercedes-Benz, such as the upcoming EQE.


  • MBUX Hyperscreen
  • Rear-Wheel Steering
  • Lowest Coefficient of drag of any car ever
  • 480 mile Range
  • Automatic Doors

What’s New for 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS

The first electric vehicle in the luxury class

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The Mercedes-Benz EQS is expected to be the electric equivalent of Mercedes-Benz’s flagship sedan, the exemplary S-Class. The EQS is aimed at establishing new benchmarks.  The Mercedes  EQS will be to the S-Class what the EQC and EQA are to the GLC and GLA, respectively. In other words, this sedan is in the same class as the model from which it gets its final letter ‘S’. 

It introduces EVA (Electric Vehicle Architecture 2 (EVA2), a brand new design dedicated to the manufacturer’s high-end electric vehicles that are versatile in wheelbase and battery size and can be fitted with an electric motor with either a pure rear-wheel drive or with two electric motors for all-wheel-drive stability. 

This platform will be followed by an electric E-Class dubbed EQE later this year, as well as two big SUVs (EQE SUVs and EQS SUVs) which are likely to debut next year.

The Mercedes EQS sedan aspires to be the absolute benchmark in the electric limousine class, just like the S-Class, which has been representing the limousine extraordinaire for decades. 

Mercedes-Benz has set an ambitious target of making its new car fleet, CO2-neutral by 2039 as part of its “Ambition 2039” initiative. By 2030, the brand expects that electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle would account for more than half of all vehicles sold.

That would be quite a feat! In terms of zero-emission vehicles, the offensive began in 2018 with the unveiling of the EQC SUV, the world’s first all-electric Mercedes-Benz.

Redefining the automobile once again, Mercedes-EQ launches the all-electric 2022 EQS Sedan

Mercedes-EQS-Edition 1
Mercedes-EQ, EQS 580 4MATIC,

The all-new EQS from Mercedes-Benz is the first-of-its-kind pure electric luxury vehicle, tailored to support all demands. This sedan represents a significant step forward in the integration of revolutionary mobility and executive-class luxury.

The Mercedes-Benz User Interface (MBUX) Hyperscreen and other never-before-seen technologies offered on the Mercedes EQS creating a one-of-a-kind driving and passenger experience.

Ever Since the start of the year, we’ve seen the launch of the compact  EQA crossover.  The Vision EQS concept heavily influences the new 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS.

However, it must be noted that the EQ brand had an intent to move upmarket after presenting the Vision EQS concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2019.


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Both the front and rear of the car are characteristic of its GLA and GLC counterparts. It has a solid black panel grille with triangular-shaped tapered lights on the front. It integrates several sensors whose work is critical (camera, ultrasound, lidar, and radar, etc.). 

The stern, like the bow, is outfitted with a continuous light section. The overall aesthetic indicates that it has nothing in common with the model with which it links, the S-Class. The rear passengers, on the other hand, would be just as happy as the front passengers.

The Mercedes  EQS is significantly larger than its gas-powered counterpart in terms of size. It is 3 cm longer (5.21 m) and one cm higher. The width remains constant (1.92 m). It’s also expected to transport more luggage with significantly more cargo volume (610 dm3 advertised against the 550 dm3 for the S-Class).

The most aerodynamic production car in the world


The new Mercedes EQS has a profile engineered to minimize aerodynamic drag, and its dimensions veer away from the proportions of a classic S-Clas. Despite its 5.22 m length, the German sedan now has decreased overhangs with wide wheels, giving it an almost slender silhouette!

The Mercedes EQS’s drag coefficient is just 0.20 due to its well-optimized aerodynamics. As per the German manufacturer, this is a world record. A quick look at Tesla’s website reveals that the Model S has a drag coefficient of 0.208. It appears that the two sedans are almost equal on this point, with the EQS narrowly beating the Tesla Model S. This low cd enables it to maximize and achieve excellent range.

The Mercedes EQS receives such a low cd for a reason. Just like its American counterpart, its architecture has been meticulously crafted. The Vision EQS concept has heavily influenced the tapered profile of the production model. Its frameless doors almost make it coupe-like just like on the CLS. 

Still, it adopts an original profile line developing an arc which, no matter how contoured, the EQS is very tall and its glass surface area relatively high (1.51 m versus 1.44 m for the Model S). The regular model’s ground clearance is a little greater, and the 19-inch wheels aren’t as flashy as the concept car, but this has all been done deliberately to improve aerodynamics.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Mercedes EQS interior

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The EQS is fitted out with stunning, high-quality finishes on the inside and offers a plethora of luxurious features. The interior ambiance and the presentation on the Mercedes EQS are fantastic with a full white leather option, however, there will also be an option for classic black interiors.

Advanced ambient interior lighting, front and rear headrest pillows, and Executive Back Seating kit are all attractive features. 

Adjustable back seats, including massage functionality, heating for the neck and shoulder, and a dedicated tablet to control the MBUX infotainment system are all included. The Mercedes EQS has a fairly roomy interior thanks to a fully flat floor and a long 126.4-inch wheelbase.

Due to its big hatchback tailgate and functional front trunk, cargo space appears to be particularly generous.

Rear seat occupants benefit from the longer wheelbase and short overhangs, which provide more than enough legroom.

The Mercedes EQS provides between 610 and 1,770 liters of storage space and is thus the first component of the S-Class family to carry Ikea goods with no problem, thanks to a boot flap that extends to the roof and a foldable rear seat. 

For this, the one will have to give up the Frunk, preferring to be using the storage for a sizeable HEPA filter, which will provide the EQS drivers with the cleanest air ever in a vehicle.

With an expanded wheelbase and a flat floor due to the lack of a transmission tunnel, the back seat is amazingly spacious.

Two Dashboards to Choose From

The Mercedes EQS doesn’t disappoint and impresses with its stunning ambiance. The interior of the Mercedes-Benz EQS is defined by a three-panel OLED “Hyperscreen” block: two 12.3-inch screens for drivers/passengers and a 17.7-inch center screen. 

The top-spec models will be equipped with this digital garland-like layout, while the entry-level models will feature a more traditional layout. Although this digitized interface appears to be cutting-edge, the Mercedes EQS comes with a more conventional dashboard as usual for its base variant.

Infotainment and Connectivity

New Mercedes EQS Hyperscreen infotainment

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The most prominent option is Mercedes’ Hyperscreen: a massive door-to-door glass panel that spans the entire dashboard, with the instrument panel and incorporating the infotainment system.

The curved glass surface extending from door-to-door is just as remarkable as MBUX’s introduction on the A-Class. This S-Class-inspired infotainment system will come standard on the Mercedes EQS. 

The EQS has the same infotainment system as the new S-Class, with a 12-inch driver’s monitor and a 13-inch portrait touchscreen as standard. The big news for the new Mercedes EQS is that you can upgrade to the new “Hyperscreen” infotainment device for an additional fee. Rear passengers get their own dedicated screens. 

The panel behaves like a huge film if the three screens underneath flare up at once. The hyperscreen impresses with more than just the scale of the three displays and the sophistication of the graphics. 

The well-known MBUX system gets more than enough artificial intelligence: One of the displays is devoted to the front-seat passenger, while the rear-seat passengers have their screens.

This enormous “Hyperscreen” system isn’t included in the price as standard. The panel’s a massive piece of glass with three built-in screens:

  • A 12-inch screen for the driver
  • A massive 18-inch touchscreen in the center console
  • A 12-inch display for the front-seat passenger

What’s That Noise?

The best seats on the Mercedes EQS have to be the ones in the back, with seats that can give you an on-demand massage while enjoying a forest or soothing maritime soundscapes. 

Once you have deactivated the artificial spaceship sound, other optional soothing sounds, and the artificial V8 grumble, you can travel in absolute silence.

Because the wind finds so little resistance and all the drive components have been well insulated. You will hear the digital clock ticking rather than any noise from the drive itself. 

Mercedes has gone the extra mile to make the cabin of the EQS extra quiet cabin with double glazing for the windows and a special lining in the wheel wheels.

And because, of course, air suspension is standard, which gives a feeling of floating on the road. This makes for a cosseting ride where you are completely isolated from the elements.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

So What Is Under the Hood?

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Technically, the all-new 2022 EQS sedan is distinguished by its unique EVA2 platform. Unlike with the conventional S-Class, the EQS can only be fitted with electric synchronous motors. There will be two versions available at launch. An EQS 450 version and will deliver 245 kW (333 hp) and 583 Nm torque to the rear wheels.

A more powerful, EQS 580 4MATIC, which has an all-wheel drive, as the name implies with 385 kW (approximately 523 hp) of power and 630 lb/ft Nm of torque being the other option.

Being an EV, acceleration will be strong. The base spec with the single motor can do the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 6.2 seconds whereas the 580 4Matic with the more power and dual-motors will take just 4.3 seconds.

With both variants, the top speed is electronically limited to 130 mph. That’s already enough to make the radar go crazy. Later on, a third 560 kW version will be introduced (about 761 hp).

In absolute terms, these are very high numbers, however, they’re not enough to cause concern for the Model S, especially the cutting-edge Plaid Plus model in particular, with 1,020 horsepower and a top speed of 200 mph, and a 0 to 60 time of 1.9 seconds.

Mercedes EQS AMG

The Mercedes-AMG EQS 73 will be released by its sports subsidiary AMG (name to be confirmed) in addition to the first two models. This version will be more powerful, with up to 580 kW (751 hp) and slightly different exterior details.

The brakes, frame, and even the acoustic signature will be tailored to this electric AMG line, which is expected to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than four seconds.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Adaptive cruise control with self-parking assist is among the standard driver-assistance features on the 2022 EQS. Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( IIHS ) websites for more information on the EQS crash-test reports.

The driver would be able to choose from three regeneration driving modes when behind the wheel. In the all-new 2022 EQS, a level 3 semi-autonomous driving operation will round up the package, enabling you to take your attention away from the road or direct the vehicle to park itself.

The car that learns

Mercedes EQS Rear Wheel Steering
Mercedes EQS Rear Wheel Steering

Amongst other driver assistance systems, all models will come with a standard rear-axle steering system. You can also choose an enhanced form, including wheels with a higher turning angle thanks to an “Over The Air” (remote) update (10 vs. 4.5 degrees).

This makes it easier to maneuver this fairly large vehicle, in addition to achieving greater agility at higher speeds. Its turning radius is comparable to that of a compact urban runabout (10.9 m versus 11.9 m with the standard rear wheels). While the EQS appears to be a large vehicle for its passengers, it shrinks in size for the driver.

Another notable function that should cater to the happiest (and wealthiest) owners are fully automatic doors. Just get close enough to the vehicle, for them to let you in without having to use the handle (automatically retractable, too, by the way). Drivers and owners will definitely appreciate this feature!

Valet parking and the Intelligent Park Pilot is another smart driving feature, at least in countries where it will be approved. The EQS will be capable of parking itself without the driver’s assistance, thanks to its comprehensive collection of sensors.

Navigation with Electric Intelligence

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is now equipped with a virtual reality head-up display, which displays directions in real-time, also showing its markings and other warning signs on the road.

The “Hey Mercedes” command can be used to unlock Mercedes’ voice assistant. This voice control can be used to operate several functions, including climate control, music, and even the massaging seats. The “Hey Mercedes” feature can understand 27 languages and learns your voice patterns and features voice recognition.

The system is equipped with the most recent iteration of Mercedes’ infotainment system, including all of the standard mobile mirroring and sat-nav features.

Mercedes-Benz wants to make the driver’s life easier with intelligent energy recovery software that cleverly teaches the driver to stop using the brake pedal. On the maximum recuperation setting, one-pedal driving is enabled.  Range, Charging, and Battery Life.

Mercedes EQS Range

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The largest lithium-ion battery pack, ever fitted in a Mercedes is used in both models. On the WLTP cycle, it provides 478 miles of range for the EQS 450, with a power of 107.8 kWh. A second 90 kWh battery pack will be released later, most likely as the EQS 450.

In the best settings, the all-electric 2022 EQS sedan can potentially drive 478 miles (on the WLTP cycle) on a single charge thanks to its battery with a usable capacity of up to 107.8 kWh.

The max charging rate on DC for both versions is 200 kW. This is less than the 270 kW of Audi and Porsche models, but Mercedes claims that it should be sufficient to restore 186 miles in 15 minutes. The big Mercedes sedan will also provide 11 kW of ac running AC as standard or 22 kW as an optional upgrade.

Intelligent energy recovery

Deceleration is often applied to identified vehicles in front of you before they come to a complete stop, such as at traffic lights. With the aid of ECO Assist, intelligent energy recovery is situation-optimized and works with foresight, considering traffic situations and topography, among other factors. The driver can also use the paddle shifters on the steering wheel to set three different levels of energy recovery and the coast feature.

How Long Does It Take To Charge? Intelligent charging programs

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The EQS will come with an 11 kW charger as usual (alternative current). An additional 22 kW will be available as an option. The charging time will be longer there: 10 hours for the 11 kW model and 5 hours for the 22 kW. These statistics, however, remain right.

Owners will also get access to the IONITY network in Europe for over a year, including Mercedes me Charge and other services. After that, there would be a competitive rate (the sum of which has yet to be determined).

New Mercedes EQS price and release date

How much is the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS?

2022 Mercedes EQS Edition One
2022 Mercedes EQS Edition One

The flagship model all-electric Mercedes Benz, which is both luxurious and powerful, won’t be cheap. The price of the EQS 450 is yet to be announced by the manufacturer, but it is slated to start well above $120,000.

The Mercedes EQS is set to go into production by August 2021, with deliveries planned in the fall. It is planned to debut with a limited-edition “Edition One” series, which will feature a dual-tone paint scheme.

Mercedes, by the way, does not raise any threshold concerns as it joins the new revolution. The S-Class clientele should not be put off by the starting price of less than $120,000.


Designed to be sustainable


Mercedes-Benz is working on a carbon-neutral new car fleet in 20 years as part of the Ambition 2039 plan. By 2030, the company expects more than half of the cars it sells to have electric drive systems, including both fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz is already planning for tomorrow in many ways, and the new EQS is planned to be similarly sustainable. The cars are manufactured in a carbon-neutral way, and resource-saving materials like recycled yarn carpets are used.

That’s because Mercedes-Benz recognizes the whole supply chain, from research and development to its manufacturing. The Science-Based Goals Initiative has confirmed Mercedes-Benz AG’s climate protection targets (SBTI)


How much is the new electric Mercedes

Being a Luxury marque, the entry into the Mercedes Benz wouldn’t come cheap. Prices on the electric GLC start at just under $52,000. The flagship EQS will is anticipated to be priced around $120,000.

Will Mercedes Benz make better electric cars than Tesla

Mercedes is renowned for building some of the best luxury vehicles on the market, a reputation that the brand has built over many decades with its strong legacy and heritage.

If Mercedes can make a compelling package with an electric car in terms of range and the ability to charge quickly, which still remain key strengths of the Tesla brand, then Mercedes might be that much closer to building great Luxury Electric cars.

Tesla meanwhile has taken great strides in improving its build quality with every subsequent model year.

When will Mercedes Benz and other older car firms be able to compete with Tesla?

Tesla currently dominates the EV space in the United States and many global markets for one reason. Their products offer two key industry-defying factors that distinguish them from the competition. The driving range and its dedicated charging infrastructure.

The end-to-end user experience is simple and that remains a key strength for the brand. It’s similar to the hardware-software integration found on Apple products.

That being said, the competition is catching on with many legacy automakers pledging to go all-electric in the coming years and with heavy investments. Until a brand can reticulate and match the seamless user experience of Tesla, they will only play catch on to the Californian EV maker.

Source: Images Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz AG