2021 Tesla Model Y Production
2021 Tesla Model Y Production

2021 Tesla Model Y | Giga-Berlin to make Incredible EV by May

The 2021 Tesla Model Y is set to launch in Germany by May this year

2021 Tesla Model Y Germany Production by Mid 2021
2021 Tesla Model Y Germany Production by Mid 2021

In Tesla News: The 2021 Tesla Model Y, the all electric crossover is set to launch in Germany by May this year.  Model Y Germany Production is slated at Mid 2021 according to the online configurator with a delivery date of May 2021.

The Gigafactory Berlin is at an advanced stage of completion (at least in its first phase) and will be one of the most advanced factories in Germany; therefore, any date between the summer of 2021 to the fall of 2021 will hardly sound surprising.

Apparently, the Berlin plant’s construction is in full swing and it is likely that the California based company will start production of the Model Y in Germany by around mid-2021.

The tentative Mid-May production date is only for the Long Range AWD model of the vehicle, although there aren’t any details once you switch to the Performance version on the online configurator.

However, is most likely that the Performance version should also follow. When exactly? Well, that depends on several variables, but it could likely happen anywhere between a few months into the following year.

Deliveries of the Made in Europe 2021 Model Y are likely to commence 1 to 2 months after production begins. An estimated guess as to when customers might receive their vehicles is around September.

The Silicon Valley-based Technology company has adhered to its timetable for the production of the Model Y at the Gigafactory in Grünheide, even though the Brandenburg Minister of Economic Affairs expects a delay when compared to Tesla’s original schedule.

A recent tender shows that the manufacturer wants to launch its production prototype at Giga Berlin’s plant by May.

CO2 Emissions Saved by Tesla in Germany
CO2 Emissions Saved by Tesla in Germany

CO2 Emissions Saved by the EV Maker in Germany. The 2021 Tesla Model Y is about to become the very first made in Europe Tesla. The First Phase at Giga Berlin’s facility, is exclusively for the Model Y. The company is facing some stiff local opposition at this site.

To date, the company is building on individual provisional permits, as the full environmental approval of the state of Brandenburg is still pending.

In the first phase, Tesla expects to have an annual production capacity of 500,000 small Model 3 and Model Y cars annually at Grünheide. However, conservation groups and citizens fear detrimental environmental effects.

It must be noted that the State of Brandenburg is yet to issue the final environmental clearance needed for the factory. It might be the end of March or the start of April before formal approval is granted to Tesla. The final approval is reported to only apply to the installation of equipment at the plant.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the advocates were addressed much later than expected. Citizens’ campaigns, residents, or nature conservation groups have reported 416 objections.

But the granting of a final building permit in April will be the product of a fast-paced process: economics minister Jörg Steinbach had initially promised it only in November 2021.

The Tesla Giga Berlin factory will introduce Model Y to Europe

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At the Giga-Berlin site, Tesla will be pioneering many innovations, such as 4680 battery cells, mega castings (front and rear portion of the car, a revolutionary painting process (Geico Taikisha), and structural battery packs.

We are also aware that Tesla will receive a part of the $3.5 billion aid package that it wants to use for the 4,680 battery cell facility in Germany. 

Now, according to Bloomberg, Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach says that Tesla’s German production facility could even be fully operational in as little as two years. 

Tesla’s plans to manufacture 4680 cells in Germany are not unheard of. New sources now claim that this could happen over the next two years.

Production and availability of batteries would almost definitely be the single most factor restricting the adoption of EVs. In reality, that has always been the case, and it has only become even more complex and challenging due to the ruling against SK Innovation. 

Recent reports on Tesla’s intent to construct and run a battery manufacturing facility in tandem with its Gigafactory in Berlin gave us a lot of detail. Still, there was no news on the timetable. 

Tesla also has a battery manufacturing plant of its own, in collaboration with Panasonic. It also has numerous agreements and partnerships with other major battery manufacturers and has acquired many battery-affiliated businesses.

Also, Tesla plans to build several battery production facilities, eventually producing its own 4680 batteries. 

The company is already manufacturing the cells and running tests on trucks, while a mass-market operation is expected for the future. 

Tesla, unlike its competitors, is going the extra mile to ensure the availability of the batteries for its vehicles.

It will also be essential, from a flexibility perspective, for Tesla to have an independent manufacturing plant in Germany to cater to the needs of the local market and to also import/tax, logistics, and exchange rates. 

We know that factory construction in Berlin is progressing rapidly, and the company has plans to start building the 2021 Tesla Model Y crossover in Germany as soon as the middle of the year.

All this makes complete sense because Tesla is unlikely to meet its potential production goals in several global factories like Giga Shanghai & Giga Nevada, without a continuous supply of battery cells always at discretion.

The automaker cannot merely rely on other global battery manufacturers to meet its needs, particularly as the majority of traditional automakers, in addition to the many start-ups, are moving forward with significant electrification efforts.

Tesla will finally become competitive on the Continent

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For Tesla, electric car sales in Europe are driven every day by introducing the Berlin-Brandenburg made Tesla Model Y. It can finally have a competitive offering to the likes of  EV’s from Volkswagen, Audi, Daimler, BMW , brands which are a testament to German Engineering in Europe and the world over.

Only then will it become clear how strong the company is indeed on the continent – since rivalry with ID.4, Skoda Enyaq, or Hyundai IONIQ 5 is no longer sleeping but is waking up more and more. 

As anticipated, Tesla has also been up against many permitting complaints and issues from local Berliners as it rushes to build its factory. 

The timetable of the automaker for the 2021 Tesla Model Y production in Germany is quickly approaching and, despite the strong opposition, Tesla continues to surge ahead.

“The final environmental approval for the factory by the state of Brandenburg is still pending. A decision on this is possible until the end of March or the beginning of April. The construction of the factory is already advanced, however, because Tesla is building in individual steps through early approval. Most recently, the company received such a permit from the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment for the installation of machines.”

 – The German Commercial Bulletin published the article

When Tesla first revealed plans to develop a plant in Germany, critics almost immediately predicted rough waters. Regulations, paperwork, permits, and red tape in the country are probably much more restrictive than those of other places worldwide.

Still, Tesla proved that it could construct a manufacturing plant in a relatively short amount of time in China and approached the Berlin initiative with the same idea.

Despite several barriers all along the way, Tesla seems to have made remarkable progress in the car factory in Germany. However, beginning 2021 Tesla Model Y manufacturing by the middle of this year appears to be an epic feat as permits are delayed, and environmentalists continue to lobby against all of Tesla’s activities.

The Council has announced that Tesla will continue to develop a factory with the Model Y trial manufacturing. However, based on the existing approvals, Tesla cannot continue with the past development of the trial until the final licenses have been issued.

“Trial runs are also possible… That is, measures to check the operational reliability, such as testing the tightness of tanks and pipelines or the casting and pressing of sample workpieces. There will be no cars on the market from a factory that has not yet been approved.” – Brandenburg Environment Minister Axel Vogel stated through Teslarati 

In conclusion, the biggest constraint for Tesla at present is cell production: So far, according to insider rumors, limited cells have arrived from the Fremont pilot line in the desired quality. 

It is good that LG has recently announced that it will manufacture identical cells in South Korea. 

This eliminates Tesla’s chance of more delay towards Model S Plaid+, Semi-Truck, and Tesla Roadster and, of course, the European 2021 Tesla Model Y.

Images Courtesy of Tesla.Inc